Millions of years have past
Centuries gone and goen... and gone
Sins of instinct, of humanity prevail, again and again
From the depth of life, of time, the animals arrive
Adam and Eve... and a serpent with deadly poison
A being with a thousand sins, a thousand tears
Will unleash against his own mother... his own brothers

Howling in the night, hunting to survive
A deep instinct to follow
Animal concept, or food chain conception?

As the strongest eat away the weak
The hypocrites wait for the useless remains
Drying at the sun

Human... animal
Human = predator

Living or surviving?
The victims lose everything
Chasing and sleeping... the predator's satisfaction
Carrion smell invasions, the stench of innocence
Calling away the vultures, purveyors of misery

Guided by a strong instinct
Animals live in harmony with nature
Subsistance of their kind...
Huma... supposedly is the most evoluate
Who's the most evoluate???
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Humanimality Lyrics

Paroxysm – Humanimality Lyrics