[Verse One]

Each and every time, when I see that eye

Not going to, give into her

Really round eyes, they reel me in

Hook line and sink, for I can't blink

I'm all in her mouth, and she's in my arms

Caressing me, by then it's on

And we are both wrong, cause her boyfriend's cool

We all went to school, with each other but I


Can't let goooo..

If I could, then I would

But it's outta my controllll..

It seems as though, there's a spell on me

[Verse Two]

I tried to move away, leave her alone

Park down the road, act like I'm not home

But some kind of way, she reaches me

One look at her, my judgment is hurt

Or could it just be, that for her I'm weak

Is it because, she's freakin me

like little can, istead of him

One part of me, wish it all would end, but I

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse Three]

Ev-erything, that's good, to me

Does not, mean, it's good, for me

[Chorus] - repeat till fade
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Can't Let Go Lyrics

Parle – Can't Let Go Lyrics