Its the first sign of life
The phone rings but no ones there
In the bed of A hospital
A telescope on the porch in the rain appears
I can't escape
My destination
Pick me up, pick me up
From off the ground
Take me away so I am found
Pick me up, pick me up
Watch my body leave the ground
Without this ship
Id be sinking
Without this plane
Id be falling
Without you here
Id feel nothing
Without you
Running from darkness
I'm empty but you fill me up
Time is running out
These burning senses lead me to you
From here
Behind this wall
I see the ending
Help me to stand
My life your hands
With one purpose
And one destination
Somebody, somebody
Please believe in me
Somebody, somebody
Without this faith wed lose feeling
Without this heart wed stop breathing
Without you here thered be nothing, without you
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Leap Year Lyrics

Parker Theory – Leap Year Lyrics