Honey, you look so cute
In your little sailor suit
Oh, you treat me oh so good
When you're in my neighbourhood
And yesterday evening I heard you brag about
That you have a girl in every port
You told your friends that just one girl isn't enough for you
You simply think that life is too short
Sailor, hey sailor!
I thought you knew
I'm just as true as you
Cause sailor, hey sailor!
I've got a man on every boat
Everyday I get a letter that a sailor wrote
Baby, don't be mad
It really isn't that bad
Its just that when you're not here
I like to go out and have a beer
And I just seem to have a thing for boys in sailor suits
Just like you seem to like girls in miniskirts
And if you really need to know, oh yes, I spend the night with them
Stop trying to make me think that you are hurt
From where did you get the idea that girls just sit at home and wait?
Its just an illusion, it's just in your dreams
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Hey Sailor! Lyrics

Paris – Hey Sailor! Lyrics