"Damn.. oh yeah! It ain't over mother.." -> Ice Cube
"kflb newstime 4: 36. (part two, part two..)
In the top story of the hour, the largest single law enforcement
(part two, part two..) operation in California history is
Currently underway. (part two, part two..) The police in five
Southern counties are engaged in a massive battle.. "
(part two, part two..)
P-Dog, back to break 'em off somethin
And never frontin when the rhyme keep comin
Not lotto but I'm in it to win it and never lose
Never singin but swingin and bringin nothin but bad news
And I'm madder than a motherfucker
Won't slip and the record won't skip, better get hip
Fin' to pop, but I ain't pop
How many cops gotta drop when the gat wreck shop
P-Dog comin up on another level
No hope for the black folk, fuck a devil
It ain't nuttin but a skanless-ass trap
To keep motherfuckers broke and smokin crack!
So I'm grippin on the clip and finsta move
Another nigga on the trigger with nuttin to lose
You better duck when the gat buck bitch
Cause the funk is on and Young Mark gimme some of that!
{*scratching*} Yeah - pass the match!
{*scratching*} Pass the match!
{*scratching*} Yeah..
Ain't nuttin changed, still anti-pig
Still anti-drug dealer and anti-house nigga
From bein broke in slavery
And if the skin is brown they only want you to stay down
I see the community need work
Black power mean mo' than a t-shirt!
All I'm tryin to do is be sure
That the young black youth stay true to the format
And see the plan to kill the man
And understand, it ain't shit for life to end
Look at the Oaktown murder rate
We need mo' than a panel to set it straight-acapo
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Guerrillas In The Mist Lyrics

Paris – Guerrillas In The Mist Lyrics

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