"I'm saying to you, that you will in a few minutes,
Hear, from the man, who is taking the place,
Of real black leadership, who will answer the call,
For true freedom, justice, and equality in America.
Well now, do you understand? " {*applause*}
Brethern heed the call of enlightenment
Of truth, Asiatic discipline's frightenin
Some who act dumb embraced by decadence
The weak in the wake of true black militants
Hear the call and all heed the savior
Praise Allah cause in his energy made ya
The cream, Asiatic earth-born manchild
Freedom's comfort for some but meanwhile
Young brothers just don't realize
Cocaine's the plan, the devil derived
Produced and let loose to youth for profit
Fake so-called negroes won't stop it
Witness lies fed straight to the brotherman
Hopes are lost to the malevolent gameplan
Annihilation of original citizens
Of this great planet Earth - listen
P-Dog spits the dope words born
Batterram's rollin task force swarm
Pigeons squawk with the talk of a new high
Controlled by the man whose plan is genocide
Intense is a sense of ignorance
When the wack can't get with the pro-black
Program that's designed to enduce thought
Rhymes ya bought keep Panthers taught
Punks stay put, skinheads are flatfoot
Keys are played as I stay on route
Down the path of the righteous chosen
Word is born as the wack stay frozen
Locked in time, mindset is Babylon
P's the martyr while mc's babble on
Letter sixteen is me and some see
I freeze and snuff mc's like pipe dreams
Makin a mark with the start of the movement
Tracks in fact weak wack can't do this
Tooth decay cause the fake been snozin
Lead the lost and the cost is yo
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Escape From Babylon Lyrics

Paris – Escape From Babylon Lyrics

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