I can't see
A happy ending in this world
Time runs short
Walking hand in hand with death
More and more
Our life is shifting to the end
What can explain
Why we destroy what's in our hands

No mercy to be spared - For the wicked for the scared
Ain't nowhere to run your fate has just begun

Dreams slip away
Life time in pain
Only tears to fall
Stabbed in the back
Cought within
The world of sin

So ignored
The warning what a waste
What will it take
To learn from our mistakes
Is there no love
Is there no love left in this world
Look to the past
You're on a neverending search

Now that we're condemned - Now we understand
Get the message clear we'll all end up in fear

See the time slips through our hands buried by it's sand
Much is spoken but nothing is said afraid to understand
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World Of Sin Lyrics

Paragon – World Of Sin Lyrics