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Come And Dance Lyrics

Paradyz – Come And Dance Lyrics

Chorus :-
Come and dance and dance for the Lord x4
Am in the hood, praising God in the hood
Come get the groove,
Its blessings when you praise him x2

Verse 1 :-

Yeah, I stand tall keep on singing the praise
Getting my ride on/x2
When I think about the stuffs I’ve being through
Life pages that I speed through,
Pressures from the strings I pull
Good, the bad time God got me through
In life gotta learn how to use
The grace of God the surviving tool
In life gotta do what u gotta do
Come let’s praise God,
Lifting the roof…
It’s the moonlight shinning in the dark
God is the sunshine in my troubled times
The cruise thru the night ain’t fun with wine
Its him that told me to get on the ride
Am dropping this vibe, ani’t for the street hype
For the passion that I have leading the thru life
Jesus loves me and he love the world
He died for me and for the world too
Made me a winner crowned me honor
Hosanna to the king halleluiah
Am drunk in your love I cannot deny that
You gat me feeling alright .


Verse 2:-
Praises unending it’s what I gat
I’ve been chocked by this great gas
Never in my life will I turn this feeling down
I can blow it up thru the night
Am waking up from my sleep
Am turning to a praise machine
Am getting ready to unleash [praises]
Ready to pull the strings
…through the darkest night
Painful past. Deep pit of despair
He got my back even when am trapped
Lost my spiritual gears . on the wrong lane like a derailed train
Headed for the rain on the edge of going insane
Blushed my sins away now I can sing
Shout to the Lord Hood to hood c’mon make it rock
Shout to Lord Streets to street…

Vamp: - je ka Jo f’oluwa je ka jo x4
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