I've had my many reasons
To take the words out of your breath
The blood right from your veins
And I
Tried to remember what life was like without you
But it never seem
To let me forget

And will you wait
On the edge
And will you wait
For me to catch you through
No faults of your own you're bleeding
Do you remember what you want
I'm so alone
With loss and doubts of my own
If you need me
I will be here when you want

She had her ways of leaving
She touched her hair then touched his face
Wiped the water from his eyes and
I try to picture what life is like without you
But you never seem

To let me forget and will you wait
At the end
And will you wait for me to catch up

She says that we're still here
And she says
That we're here still

Reassembling the icons
One piece at a time and we're still here
Dismantling the eyesores one day
At a time and we're crushing ourselves
One day at a time

I will be here when you want reassembling the icons
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Reassembling The Icons Lyrics

Parabelle – Reassembling The Icons Lyrics