We have fallen off our horse
And we aren't coming back on board
Cause this ship sank, this ship sank
And we have broken up the flaws
I hear the waves can open doors
But to be frank, I don't need waves
And like the police said to a child
Put down those stones, kid, don't be wild
But for a while, yeah, we were wild
The hand that struck now points up straight
And when it did, I was afraid
But "hey," chin said, "I see the sun"

And we have rallied off our course
But that's okay, we all have flaws
And routes to take, that burn to break
I know you lied for the last time
So flip over and break the crime
And catch the room with what you waste
And when the mum cried to her 'spring,
"Hon, please come back, youve got to win"
And in the bath I saw why
And with that hand that stands up straight
I will try not to be afraid or lose my life
We'll catch the flight
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Rescue Boat Lyrics

Paperplain – Rescue Boat Lyrics