After disaster, where do we go
Tearing our minds up and turning to stone
Break through the water, born to be wild
Run till your lungs burn and fill you with fire

And thereā€˜s something inside I have yet to discover
I will give up this right till I got what I came for

And even if the clouds fall down around us
Or if the ground falls out beneath
I'll take a hold of all your colors, until they start to bleed.
My bloody valentine [x4]

I'll take my chances with the devil tonight,
But I'm running out of time
If this is wrong, I don't want to be right
Let the fantasy die

Cause I'm not who you thought I would be,
You dropped your love, now you're waiting on me.
Let's take it over while we're still young,
Never felt so loved.
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My Bloody Valentine Lyrics

Panic! At The Disco – My Bloody Valentine Lyrics