Its time to define this silly situation
You and I together in a relationionship
Why why why wont you let me know
Which wayi should go
Is it time to let me off the hook
You knowim only playin by the book
And all I'm askin in return
Is for you to show me which way to turn
Back to rejectioncan I ask you a question
Is it for fun or the real affection
There's no time now you must decide
Is there a future
I keep on believin still got the feelin
Got you on my mind and that's what's appealin
But livin everythin for the pleasure and lust
Baby it's a question of trust.
I'll be loosing mine
In the sands of time
I'm a fool for yesterday
When I feel like I wanna say
I'll be holding you
Thru the heat and thru the cold
I know you feel the same
Trust me I'll be the one
Who fights for you when things go wrong
Trust me I'll never let you down
Never let you down
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Trust Me Lyrics

Pandora – Trust Me Lyrics

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