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Again Lyrics

Pan Galactic – Again Lyrics

The fool, he pleads again
He’s taken to his knees again

The Queen, she shows again

His cup, she overflows again
His roses thrive again

His garden’s come alive again
It’s filled with birds again

his pen is filled with words again
His little bauble’s dubbed ‘Sir Much’
His stone gets rubbed back into touch
His old clothes fit again

his wit somehow gets lit again
His marotte’s mind reflects his own
It’s seated deeply in her throne
She seems impressed again
But she says “it’s all in jest” again

He winds the world again
Her canvas is unfurled again

he spies a crack again

He flies her union jack again
The tale is told again

her chest is full of gold again
Her breeze, it blows again
There’s feeling in his prose again
She lashes down the central mast
The favor gets returned at last
Who would have guessed again?
His compass points due west again
He steers her from both fore and aft
But neither seems to float her craft
He roams the docks again
With warm rum on the rocks again

The shepherd buys the myth
Though he be mortal mere again
This goddess he lies with
She whispers in his ear again
His wooly brain gets tickled
By the hand of Fate again
Her cloistered walls get knocked up
Now his crook’s gone straight again
Spinning the coarse yarn
With his brothers in the hood again
He ties one on, and says

a bit more than he should again
To prove he doesn’t play the liar
He palms the pearl again
Her jovial sire’s so filled with ire
He’d like to hurl again
And again, and again, and again

Olympian skies are rent
As niter bolts fly through again
His herding tool gets bent
His prospects become few again
Clothing her shell, she fares him well
And leaves him naught to smell but ewe again

His blood, it heats again
His heart, it finally beats again
He squeals like Pan again
He feels like half a man again

he throws his shoes again

He’s bare-hooved with his muse again
He jigs and reels again
His head’s over her heels again
He slept until a quarter passed
A grain in Saturn’s hourglass
The play can start again
‘cause Eros hit his heart again
And how could such a florid faun
Not turn this maiden’s iron on?
And he may yet again
But she’s playing hard to get again
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Songwriters: Robert Steven Reiser, Scott Henry Fray
Again lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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