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Time Will Tell Lyrics

Packy – Time Will Tell Lyrics

Uh, is it the fall already?
Did I miss it all already?
Buried in my notebooks, tryna get it all down
Realest shit I ever wrote, I don't know if y'all ready
On my perfectionist shit
Straight out the nosebleeds section and shit
4 years deep, we on new terms
Put my name in the election this year
Had to stay
Took a little personal time, had to meditate
I see you talkin' like you doin' somethin'
Get it all out
They only listen 'til I decide to ventilate
Fade to the background, I lay the Mac down
Don't gotta tell 'em where I been but I'm back now
Take cover, we make hits, they make covers
And put us in a box 'cause they don't know what to make of us
But time will tell
You been so patient, I time it well
I take it slow
The offseason is my season just play your role
And I'll take it there
Underground but I hate it there
I look around like I made it there
And you didn't boy, but don't hate the player (hate the player)
I'ma get cake off the whole scene
I'ma break off the whole team
Women wanna get put on
So I look out for girls that take off the whole thing
Like what's the motive? I question it all
I cut off ties so I don't get involved
They wonder why it's just me
If I'ma give it anything I'm gonna give it all
It's like that
Nothing personal, maybe someday
We could turn a round trip to a one-way
For now, it's just Friday to Sunday
Once in a blue moon, tears on a runway
I know this the life for me
Couldn't tell you when it click, though
People always try to tell me who fake
Act like I ain't been around from the get-go
Just be real, be you, I need that
Send the bars to Q and get feedback
That's who I do it for
When I say my team, that ain't just talk
That's what I mean
Hold it all the way down
I'ma put us all on the map
I ain't made it but
I've been gettin' everything you get, plus some
And I get it all off rap
The Parlay
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