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Respiration (Freestyle) Lyrics

Packy – Respiration (Freestyle) Lyrics

Where my headphones at
'Bout to go in, you dig?
Diggy Simmons
Alright, check this out

I sat down my backpack, kick back in my room
Pick a sick track flip that get a quick snack resume
Scoop say dude hit up tightly and stacks well
You can say I'm gifted or you can say I rap well
Either way I'm the present fam
Too many people try to be the future
I guess it's easier knowing nobody's gonna shoot you when they're aiming at me (true)
It's cool they hearing you but you know who they came to see
But I reckon, better recognize, this the Speck kid
Undefeated record
You can come and contest it but it's my show
And you're just a contestant
And you'll never be on 'cause nobody's interested
It's you versus nothing
My verse is something too hot
Like a new pair of shoes
Dude, I'm something you not
I can parachute to the top
Last place is getting sick of you, man
Try to find a new spot
I got rhymes like Liam
Go nuts like pecans
I'm cooler than your whole following
Three fans
When I'm making grand
Shaking stands
Making fans wave their hands
You'll be in the stands
Making everybody tense
Shaking everybodys' hands
Hoping that they'll take a chance
Maybe give you an advance
Cause your plans to be the man turned and bit you in the ass
Damn I'm sorry, that was hardly necessary
The way I start to rip this shit apart is smarter plus it's scary
What am I gonna do next?
Maybe I'ma ruin you right in front of your crew, next
I'm going for your throat
Better loosen up your crewnecks
Then I'ma learn some new moves and hit you dudes with a suplex
I take it to the house twice
Call that shit a duplex
Then get love from everybody
Call that shit group sex
No homo, this is a promo
To show those haters that my class is full and tell them they can go home
Master of the classical rap
Rappin' embassador
I'm the shit crapping on these sandbaggin' rappers
The whack rappin' band wagon
Gap packing trappers
I'ma backpack and snapback and blackpack and snap
Stand back I'm the captain
I'm selecting my team
All people helping me succeed and perfecting my dreams
Gotta scheme for the green
No Q no D, just me, Moe-T and a couple QD's
Move please if you're blocking the way
I'm either plotting ink on the page
Or rocking the stage
While you try and gage success
I'm engaged, set to marry it
Put my team on my back and carry 'em like Barry did
Fucking with me is scarier than getting buried alive
Dare to compare?
You'll be lucky to barely survive
Bury the hive
You ain't making it with the honnies
Your game makes me wanna create "Caking for Dummies"
Too late to fake the tummy ache
You've been taking to school
I gotta wet J
You can take the L outta pool
And what's left is what I think of your style
Any member of my crew can take your boo with a wink and a smile
But relax kick back and act like you know
Packy on the track
Respiration for your dome
Let your brain breathe
I gotta cool mine
Call it brain freeze
Say my name please
I gotta get some dang Z's 'cause I'm gettin' lazy, yeah
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