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Next Question (Intro) Lyrics

Packy – Next Question (Intro) Lyrics

(Hello, hello, hello, hello)
(Hello, hello, hello, hello)
(Hello, hello, hello, hello)
(Hello, hello, hello, hello)

It’s my time, 'bout to give you that
Wait hold up, wait bring it back
'Kay I’m ready now, here we go again
Now I’m settled down, now I’m goin' in
'Kay the truth is, I’m nervous
What if this don’t serve its purpose?
What if it’s worthless? What have I learned man?
What have I earned man? Do I deserve this?
Uh, gee, I don’t know
But gee, I do G-O so hard you can’t knock that
Turning down shows, what you know about that
Not about the cheese, I’m all about the craft
All about the floss, not about the plaques
Not about the glam, not about the glitz
I’m all about the fam, I’m all about the hits

[Verse 2]
Next question, "where the REFS at?"
"That’s your girlfriend's ass? Where the rest at?"
This is my time, my zone, my city, my home
But I’m gone, 'til I make it to the tip top
'Til the wheels fall off and I need a pit stop
This hip hop, it’s my drug and I can’t get enough
I’m addicted to the love and the hate
And the hugs and the shakes
And the phonies and the fakes
But I know I got the homies and they won’t let me fail
They got me on track, and I won’t derail
Got me like Sonic, I don’t chase tail
Tail chase me 'cause they think I’m ill
Hah, and that’s real
So this life, I gotta have it
When you see my CD, gotta grab it
When you see me, see Packy
I ain’t change, I just picked up a new habit
I'm gonna wreak havoc on this rap shit
Man everything I want, I’m gonna have it
Then I'ma be ballin' in Florida
'Cause the way I heat verse is magic
"Packy, are you the illest?" Uh-huh
"Packy, are you the realest?" Uh-huh
"Packy, shouldn’t you be getting more attention?"
Uh, you’re damn right, next question
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