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My Syllabus Lyrics

Packy – My Syllabus Lyrics

Here we go

What's good slick? Let's get right I'm turnt up like midnight
I'm too good, my chick bad
My screw loose, my lid tight
That's REFS shit for your ass
You don't know? Don't ask
You slow as, like molasses
More ticky, more asses
More bitties, no classes
More gaming no practice
More living that good life
Only mess with choes that got no baggage, I've learned
No time for that
Got my own goals thank god for that
Got to grind for that, one time for that
Got to put Sing City on the map
Like "Bang", remember the name
Told me to never chase money or fame and stay in my lane
And always remember the place that I came from
That dope summer, that cold winter
Blue collar, that go-getter
She's all about that "D" she gets the Verlander, that no-hitter
Let me get my change up, I just want that good good
I don't want no hand out, I just want that good look
Feel like we got that everything that make it
It's taking a lot of work but when we on that shit'll feel like a vacation
Play me on that station, shout out to my DJ's
If you been sleeping on the Speck then shout out to those PJ's
Shout out to your GF's that sing my shit like VJ
I'm just tryna get that college market like D'Wade
Play me on them campuses
East Lansing to Los Angeles
Can't stand for this? Then sit for this
Don't mess with this, that's ignorance
I'm into this, I live for this
You hit or miss, I'm business
I'm killing this, I'm still in this
Yo let me check my syllabus
A little more than 16? Sorry I was feeling this
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