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Magic Lyrics

Packy – Magic Lyrics


Took time with the groundwork
No nine to five, my sound work
But like five to nine and nine to five I'm up
I know shit can go downward
Maybe next year I'll be all next
Double XL charter complex
How can they not see the boy, biggest star in my apartment complex, yeah
Somehow goin' up, organic with it
My shit been word of mouth since day one and my day ones don't panic with it
Behind the scenes where the magic done
Young penny I'm the magic one
Globe trottin' but everywhere I put on for the city where magic from
L-town wassup, been down been up
I do my thang on these records, they be like true'nuff true'nuff
Same people clownin' two years ago, look I grew myself up
They ladi dadi'd, I kamikaze'd, I blew myself up
Made that shit look overnight, made that shit look like it's easy
Made competition look overhype treat the game like I got it genie
I'm cheat codin', they beast modin' and they ain't sayin' shit
I'm movin' up a class, I don't a need 'em weighing in
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