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Home Vid Lyrics

Packy – Home Vid Lyrics

I took a moment to album mode it, if I ain't shootin', I'm loadin'
Usain Boltin', get on the track and I'm golden
Do a lap and I'm floatin', I hear your raps and you gotta be jokin'
Hahaha, hahaha
Your shit is lackin' motive and I keep it a buck
I could put them boys to sleep with the shit I keep in the tuck
Hear the trash but I don't speak it enough
I'm goin' Mr. Ruth on 'em, callin' my shots and followin' through
Everybody got ideas, they ain't shit until you execute, yeah
People love to get their lies off
Never hustle for nothin', occupational tweeters
Couldn't reach their goals so they motivational speakers
And that's where y'all are getting wisdom from
Tell me I don't get it, bottom line is that I get it done
Took a vision, made a commitment, now we in business
Took a business, made it the littest, who the hell are you kidding?
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