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Green Mitten (Skit) Lyrics

Packy – Green Mitten (Skit) Lyrics

[Packy, Moe-T, Jared, Other]
*Knocks on door*
You guys ready?
On the road again, I can't wait to be on the road again
Uh, I feel terrible
Yo, you guys seen my glasses out there?
No dude
Fuck bro, I can't find 'em
You got so much shit over there dude, all those cords and stuff, it's like the IT guy, man
Jared, get your life together
Fuck bro, I'm gonna so heated if I left them in the green room
They're, they're there somewhere dude
Shit, they're not in my bag, God damn it, no
I feel terrible (Fuck)
Yup, they're gone, God damn it
Yo, they're there somewhere dude
Bro, I'm telling you, they're gone, they're gone
We gotta get going guys
Oh, fuck my life, God damn it, of course I lose my fucking sunglasses
Bro, your life, aww, Jared's life's so hard. He has the hardest life ever, on the road with all his friends on tour, doing what he loves to do, getting drunk every night, doing a bunch of drugs, having sex with random woman
It ain't easy being me
God damn
Fucking nut dude
Poor Jared
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