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Airhead Lyrics

Packy – Airhead Lyrics

Why you gotta be so fly
Why you gotta be my girl when you can have any guy
Yeah I like a pretty face, thick ass, thin waist
But how do I date a girl whose head's full of space
Stupid ass
In more ways than one
People tell me I should walk away, some say to run
None say to stay
I say they try to take her if I went away so I stay and play the game 'til the day it don't pay
Yo, she's oh so dumb
Why the hell do I gotta be oh so sprung
I'm a weak man, I know it
Give me some time
I swear I'll break up
Soon as I wake up
Soon as she stops wearing makeup
Soon as I find a wife and I get caked up
Soon as Snoop Dogg don't bake up
Soon as Young Money give Drake up
That's when I'll break up
Damn, I got this shit bad
If I play her this song she won't even get mad
What do I do?
I tell you one thing
She won't meet my dukes
Oh another thing, she don't even like my dudes
What am I doing?
It's my fault
I tried to break it off, I swear, but she missed my call

(Please leave a message after the tone)
Hey um, I was just, calling to tell you that
I don't think, well, I just wanted to say that like
I love you, bye
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