I’m a little unwell
You’re a little bit not yourself
I’m a little on edge
You’re feeling different
So keep your eyes on high
Don’t let the ceiling down to ask you why
Don’t let your neck close
Don’t choke, don’t choke

No I can’t see you
Oh if I could get you well
Give you pieces of myself and put you back together

Caught a little off guard
So let me in and tell me where you are
A little medicine to get so far
A little bit of you, you falling star
Anyone to take this tree
And cut off all the limbs for me
The roots are deep and you bleed
And I don’t want to be the one to tell you

Fool, I say
Let us in
Pull away
The cold we’re in
Friend, oh love
Holding out
We’re up so high
And it’s a long way down
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Edge Lyrics

Pace Of Glaciers – Edge Lyrics