Owesdy is back again on this heated track
Gonna bring the light front and take darkness back
Starting with, the money is infinity
Ask ma goonz and they gonna tell you what I mean
I there's any body that tranna be close to me
Then you gotta know it's the second owesdy
Cause balling ain't no big deal, it's a daily job
So if you're afraid of me then go call the cops
And if you think this is a real lie
Call some of your niggaz to come and testify
By looking straight into ma eyes
They gonna see the burning flames passing by


Throw the money up in tha air
Catch em stones up in tha air
Celebrate up in tha air
See the chedar up in tha air
We so fly up in tha air
Fly as the sky up in tha air
Spend the doe up in tha air(x2)

[Verse 2:]:

Right now, look up and see the weather
It change, because of too many chedar
I'm soo hood I feel good when the bitches move
When I spit ma lines, all niggas move
Aint like some niggas who say out fabrigations
I speak da truth and show it in demostration
I live in the air yea that's my only home
Where I get everything and archieve some goals
Every day I just keep on diggin em holes
That's why my money so much, I count them I moles
That is why I need no competition
With no one, defeating them is ma obligation
I ask ma self, when will all this be over
A mind replies me telling me never
Cause I know no body can beat the record
Until I decide to sell all my effort

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Up In The Air Lyrics

Owesdy – Up In The Air Lyrics

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