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Aspirations Lyrics

Overthrower – Aspirations Lyrics

Take a step back and try to
Remember what you believe in
What drives you to be who you are
Why cover it up and deny it
Embrace the Aspirations
Look forward to a new begining
Swallowed up by your desolation
Consumed by an infestation

Choked at the peak of my arbitration
Constant, selfish visions

My mind is FILLED with filth

I've been down in the circles of hell
Been crushed by the weight of the world
3 years I have been asleep
A flesh prison trapped inside of me

I am the reason you are so angry
I am the reason you wont succeed

I have the weight of the world!
On my shoulders
So much that I can
Hardly bare it

Stop breathing down my neck an lurking
Time to rid my self of this sick disease
And free my self from this horrid feeling

My minds in a cage
Screaming to be let free

I will overcome anything and everything
That stands in my way (x2)

No one
No one can hold me back

Illusions in my head
Cowering from my awakening (x2)

I am free from this pain
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