In the heart of the city, heat of the night
Looking so pretty, looking so tight
Rockin' the hard way in leather and lace
Weaving you magic, not leaving a trace
Pleasures and riches are always your gain
Ending in sorrow, it's always the same
Deciver of lovers, sorcerer of faith
Take heed of my warning before it's too late

The enchantress of the night
Feel the candles burning bright
The enchantress of the night
She'll be gone before daylight

You can feel her eyes calling, drawing you near
Trapped in her power, nothing is clear
Caught in her circle, a link in a chain
No chance to process all emotions in vain
Chasin a shadow, you're lost in a dream
Know where you're going, know where you've been
Daughter of darkness, mistress of sin
In total submission, your heart never wins
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Enchantress Of The Night Lyrics

Overlorde – Enchantress Of The Night Lyrics