Levelled, hammered, gone today
God will have me his own way
Smokin' hun is what I see
Do you know am I free

Face it, kill it
Beat it to the ground
Turn it, burn it
Gone without a sound
Struck down

Locked and tortured by the dream
Fight the demon to be clean
Wanton wounds are why I bleed
Do you know, can I see

Face it, kill it
Beat them where they stand
Turn it, burn it
Fire through your hand
Release them into nothing
Give them upside down
Cut the ties that bind you tight
Commend them to the ground
Release them into nothing
You stand, struck down

Hear me screaming up to heaven
Watch me fall to hell
Hear me, hear us
We are the gone
The horde rejected
See me, see us
We are the ones
The ones proteced


Ashes-ashes, dust to dust
God will have me if he must
Demon crawl all over me
Did you know, I'm not me

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Struck Down Lyrics

Overkill – Struck Down Lyrics

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