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Us Lyrics

Outlawz – Us Lyrics

[ Young Noble ]
It's only us, me, Kastro, EDI and Napoleon
It's on again, young niggas born again
I wish somebody coulda told me then
That we was gon' grow up to be some lonely men
Now I found out I really don't got friends
Cause nobody come around when I not spend
I walk around this fuckin planet feelin boxed in
Smokin stoge after stoge like it's oxygen
When there was 10 of us we all ate from one dub
Let's turn the dirt to glory for Pac up above
Yak one love, I know you gotta be free
Havin conversations with you when there's nobody but me
I guess whatever don't kill me make me stronger
But I don't know if I can take it any longer
But I got to, cause family live they dreams through us
It's like 5 million lost souls that cling to us
But I know one thing, it ain't shit without y'all
Thug Life for life, Young Noble Outlaw
It ain't shit without y'all
Thug Life for life, Young Noble Outlaw

[ CHORUS: Noble ]
The only thing that we got left is us
If you don't have nothin else, son, you got my trust
Loyalty come first, I put my life in your hands
I'ma die as a man and die together is the plan
Keep the team stong, make this cream real long
Cash last long enough for our grandkids to eat on
We Outlawz, and if it's on then it's on
Watch my back, I watch yours and we make it through the strorm
Thug on

[ EDI ]
Early on I knew life wasn't shit
Just made 2, drugs and love made my daddy split
Mama's now forced to turn a boy into a man
Impossible task, still she doin all she can
And I'm growin quickly, slowly started seein things
All the wrong in this world, taught me not to believe in things
Not even man, cause we all change daily
Best friends be tryin to bring each other death quickly
Only the strong survive
As long as I'm alive I ride
Hooked up with some niggas that I knew had my side
Me for you, you for me eternally
Makaveli-trained riders
Cause the Don may be gone but he remains deep inside us
It comes out every time niggas try us
y'all my family until the Lord'll have me I make this promise

[ CHORUS: Young Noble ]

[ Napoleon ]
I been wakin up, stressin lately
Sheets wet from the sweat and my hands shaky
I got a kid on the way, I'm kinda nervous
I did some dirt in my life, hope it don't curse it
And all I got left is my Outlaw niggas
My cousins and my brothers and some Jersey drug dealers
I keep my faith in the Lord and stay strugglin
He keep on pushin me forward to stay hustlin
And when Pac died nobody never knew
Or gave a fuck on what the Outlawz was goin through
We kept your heads to the sky and our guns too
We had to ask straight for a dollar to split a cold brew
And through the process our family was still dyin
I got a grip of this shit, there's no complyin
And I'ma be the solid rock that I am, nigga
And I'ma give it all I got to raise my kid, nigga
I got the blood of Malcolm X in me
I got the dirt from the cemetery runnin in me
One way up and that's how we goin, nigga
Now put guns up, the world ain't friendly, nigga
And just wait till you get to hold reality
And just wait, I bet you try to up your salary
And these crackers be doin too much
Let's start the revolution so we can rise up
Come on


Thug on
Thug on

Thug on

Outlawz till I die, gee

Pour some liquor on the curb
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Songwriters: AUTRY DEWALT
Us lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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