Reaches of Old, Beacon of the Damned
Offerings Ablaze at the Altar
Mark of the Flesh
Idols, Fallen to Decay
Birth of the New Age

Graves Descending, Forming Unknown
Chambers of Bone, Dripping Death
Serpent of World, in Darkness
Blind to Fate, Consuming Time
Becoming One with Afterlife
Twisted Formations Sicken, Hallucinate
Obscured Reality, Enfolding
Drained of Infinite Obsession
Necrotic Absolution
Possessed by Voices, Unknown
Entranced in Sacrifice, of Self
Feel the Mist of Blackened Tomb
Drawing Closer to Fate
Denied Eternal at the Gate
Ascending Spiral Finality
Stepping Forward into the Flame
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Bloodspire Lyrics

Outer Heaven – Bloodspire Lyrics

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