Talk: I dedicate this song to my precious
Mother and to Mother's around the world.
Mom, I just want to thank you for your love,
Warmth and kindness.
Dad is great, Mom is the best.

My precious Mother, I just want to say how much I love you,
Mom you so sweet (Mom you so sweet) I know, you know,
How much I love you (how much I love you)
Tell me what you want (what you want)
I'll do anything for you my Mother (for you my Mother)
Put on your shoes, put on your clothes, I want to take you to shopping,
Today is a special day, a special day for you my Mother, we gonna celebrate it,
You gonna be happy no matter what people say, yeah

Today is Mother's Day, today is your special day,
Everyday should be mother's day, you are my everything

Uh my Mother!
For nine months I live in your belly, and I know you went through a lot of pain,
What kind of gift can I give to Mama, what gift can I use to show my gratitude
(Show my gratitude) for the life you gave to me, you gave me love with all your heart
(Mom, I thank you) but I know there is something, something you cherish more than anything else.
I'll pay you back with my love, I love you Mom, with all my heart, oh yeah

Repeat Chorus

Sweet Mama, I love you so, you know that right
You know I love you so, I love the way you smile with me

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Rap

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Mother`s Day Lyrics

Oti Brown – Mother`s Day Lyrics