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Spirits Come Come Lyrics

Otep – Spirits Come Come Lyrics

Sing to me my muses
Lost in hot Cyclops anarchy
Possession, invention... Blood, blood
Spirits, spirits.... Come, c**...

Where will these visions lead?
How far dare I go?
Where will this song take me?
Into the deep unknown!

Spirits spirits come come!

All the prophets & the gods came prepared for theirs
So we dined on the vine of the mind in pairs,
Preaching werewolf prayers on our nightly flight
Gestating all we ate in the pale moonlight,
Feel the urge of the power surge -- ignite the soul
Bringing kingdoms under siege with the words that I control,
Got an arsenal, ganja blunts & such
Only love can set me free from this Patriarchal clutch,
Speaking testaments in our secret dialogue
While the drones begin to feast on the faces of the hog,
Take a walk in the wilderness of your mind
Before your soul decides to die & leaves infinity behind

Invite discovery

To pleasure
Lost in ecstasy!

You are my enemy

You died
For lies
Slaves to misery

Down on the battleground laying waste to competition
I'm collecting intellects & exhaling solar systems,
I decree mutiny....
It's revolution us against the Patriarchy,
The assembler of souls full of knowledge untold
While I'm spinning webs of wisdom, prophecies unfold,
Into attack mode to decipher the code
Of Babylon's terror spawn - tyranny reloads,
Into the mental stasis - apathy erases
The urgency of rage & it's frightening little places,
Prepare for warfare
The afterbirth of knowledge is America's nightmare


Sometimes eye sit and ask myself...
What have I become!!!???

Something's taking over me...

Free me now
Avenge me... Avenge me.

Paint your face with the blood of the weak
Self sacrifice everyone you meet
Screaming demons in my veins
Voices of the dead nurturing my pain

I survived
I'm alive

I spread the fever
To watch you burn
Killed your leaders
To help you learn

I survived
I'm alive

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