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Sepsis Lyrics

Otep – Sepsis Lyrics

from album: House Of Secrets (2004)
Sha nagba imurru!!
All names, all forms!
Obsessed about
Money & power
Absessed about
Sexual encounters
Obsessed about
Passion & pain
Possessed like martyr
Getting high of the flames

I have A bulimic mind!
I have A soul that's one of A kind!
I have A bulimic mind!
Look at me enemy,
Open your eyes!

Accept your fate
For the hate you create
I'm sick of pretending
That your world is not ending!
I've seen mysteries.

All names, all forms!
Sha nagba imurru!
I saw the mystery!
I know the secret!

Obssessed about
Dominion and death,
Obsessed about
Infecting the rest,
Obsessed about
Seeking revenge,
For being trapped in this body of wounds & regret.

I know the mystery
I know the secret
I saw the mystery
I know the secret
Open your eyes
Open your eyes
Said the serpent to the snake...

You were shit when I found you!
Pinpricks and emptiness!
You doubt me?
Eat my wrath!
I will pull down the gates of abaddon!
I will let the dead roam free!
They will eat the living!
Agony! Agony!

(smells like victory)
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