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Confucius Lyrics

Oswin Benjamin – Confucius Lyrics

Led me the wrong way, write me a love song
Say that I'm beautiful, but all of my clothes on
Can you see past the past of my scars?
Can you see past the hurt in my heart?
Can you see past these marks on my arms?
Can you see past the Marcs, Lukes and John's?
To all of the rough sex and I wanna fuck, sex
It's hard for me to process real love
It's hard to find a soul that's only made for mine
I wonder if love was ever made to find
I wonder do all of the pressure,
Well look it better, always I was the only dumb
And I was a maid to shine
So love me the wrong way, tell me I'm worth it
Look at my flaws and still tell me I'm perfect
Show me the confirmation from your lip service
Touch my mind before you reach my cervix
She told me all of that from the first kiss
A lost girl tryina find a purpose
Young heart made a wrong choice
Gave her heart to the wrong dude who ain't deserve it
Damn, damn

Anybody lay hands on her, shit
Have a nigga cry so bad, bitch
Busting at the mob, but that ass so good
For that ass, for that ass
Made every man want her
In the dark pass on her
She only knew love and knew lies when I lie
No one ever told her that she was amazing
She only knew love and knew lies when I lie
'Cause it felt so right, and I feel so right
I'ma love you wrong
I'ma love you wrong

I loved her the wrong way because she was worth it
I loved her the wrong way because she deserved it
You know what I noticed
Every time I said she looked beautiful
It's more than ever that she ain't noticed
[?] Bitch was one of them
And that was the only way that she knew how to fuck shit
Connecting the negative with the fair
[?] Miss sunking
How do you tell a person they're gonna be something?
When everyone before you told them they're nothing
You love them the wrong way
Until they led themselves the wrong way
Know you a queen beyond the yawn shape
And I'ma keep it between sex entre
Alexander Mcqueen don't lose sleep
Over thoughts of the Conway
For God's sake, only words that matter what god say
Believe you can never do it big without faith
I'ma do what I need to
To show you how a nigga like me do
Do the difference from a nigga that really want you
From a nigga that needs you
And I believe in you
Even if you don't believe in you
I'ma continue loving you the wrong way
To the day you'll see what I see in you
And that's love, that's true

Anybody put hands on her
Every nigga saw a bad witch
And that ass sort of
Made every man want her again
She only knew love
Nobody ever told her she was amazing
She only knew love when them lights was all off
'Cause it felt so right, and I feel so right
Let me love you wrong, let me love you

You're the only star who never needed the skies
Wipe away the water that's falling out of your eyes
A diamond in the rough is a diamond harder to find
So any diamond found in the rough is harder to shine
Every time I look at you I'm aware there's a god
Every time I look at you I'm aware of the odds
But even if the odds decide to stand by your side
Five out of five they tend to even out
See if they ain't seeing your shine then see 'em out
If they don't fall in love with your mind then leave 'em out
Thirsty niggas out for your body yeah wish them well
Stimulate my thoughts and I make them talk it out
Boys that make you cry but men make you come to your senses
When it feel safer for you to go from the good to the bad
'Cause bad is all that you know
So if it's alright, let me love you wrong
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