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Been Down Too Long Lyrics

Oschino – Been Down Too Long Lyrics

This is my story, Oschino nigga
Fuckin Early

You've been down too long
You've been holdin on
Wake up dreamer
You've been down too long

Muthafuckas say that I'm foolish
To sell crack, dropped out of school
And pushing that Buick, wasn't fucking with music
And my pockets was low, my mind wasn't right
My shit was in shambles, life was a gamble
No friends, just my 38 snub with tape on the handle
No lights, just to eat we had to see with a candle
Through the trials and tribulations, I forged Satan
No heat, had to sleep in the cold, I was running out of patience
Dad's dead, drugs had Momma
Judge sentenced me with no comma
O bring drama like Osama -- Bin Laden
In the kitchen chopping and bagging, the crumb
Coppin the wagon, this is real shit nigga not braggin
Where I'm from niggaz'll shoot at you
Not being in jail, something new to you
Can't die, who'll pay for your funeral?
Life is unusual
Went from nothing to wearing Cartaire watches with the roman numerals


[Verse 2:]
Walk with me y'all...
From prison to prison, jail to jail
Two years straight, a nigga just survived off mail
You know, niggaz hated me, bullets penetrated me
Cops infotrated me, fuck you niggaz say to me?
I'm not on tour, I got to smother the strip
Underdog, my face ain't graced the cover of shit
Been down too long like Mandela with apartheid
Slave with this cotton, I was raised with this glock'n
Bout to start poppin like ozone to turbo
Niggaz can't hurt O, O shit blazin
O been in hospital beds, been in cages
O got bullet wounds, stab wounds, abrasions
Multiple contusions, the boy not losing
The boy don't complain, he just keep it moving
The boy can't quit, he came to far with the music
You think you like me nigga, I find that shit amusing


[Verse 3:]
I'ma tell you why it was fucked up...
It was fucked up cause I had to hustle
No clown, but forced to juggle
Concrete jungle, skinny nigga no muscles
Quick to bust you like acne on faces of adolescence
Killed niggaz in front of niggaz just to send a message
Infa red circle ya knot, rubber bands circled in knots
20 inches circle the drops, begets circle the watch
Niggaz in my circle successful, we the roc
We won't stop until every building collapse
Or until we can't rap cause our lunges collapse
Mean time licking shots like they stamps
Throw oil like Iraq since I was semen in the sack
Leaning in the Ac(Accura)
I been bout it c*** sucker, you feel me?
Do not step to me, I'm awkward I shot lefty
And often my glock's testy
Put you on ice like Gretzky
With no skates, just a suit and a casket
Family and friends, flowers and pastor
It's the roc you bastards

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