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Pay Anything Lyrics

O'ryan – Pay Anything Lyrics

Think I'm crazy huh?
Well maybe I am
Buti'm down for anything
Know what I mean
Uh now let's go let's go

I need ya (i need ya)
I want ya (i want ya)
And everyday that goes by without you
Girl I'm through
Can't think right (damn I'm twisted off you)
Don't feel right
And even though I try to pretend
Can't pretend to sleep at night (ohh)

Plane system
Train system
Anything means i'll be there wit ya
Cross country
It's all on me
I'll pay my way to get to you
I can drive my Benz
I can drive my Jag
Any other wheels
Everything I have
You can call me desperate
But mama I'm real (ohh)
I'll pay my way to get to you

[Verse 2:]
I can't wait
I'm not straight
See girl you had me buggin from the last time I had you
I'm wishin (whew I'm wishin)
Please listen (you gotta listen girl)
I'm on my way to swoop you up
So I hope you're down (to slide with me) just slide with me


Pay (pay) my (my) way (way) to (to) get (get) to (to) you (you)
Pay (baby) my (my way) way (to) to (get to you) (girl to get to you)
Get, to (get to you baby) you


[Whispered fading out]
Platinum Status
T Scott [Some other names] let's go

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