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Sindidun Lyrics

Orthodox Celts – Sindidun Lyrics

I've travelled way to hell and back, the blood of orange made my bill
With heavy cross upon my neck I ran from hands of hangman's will
Yes I've killed I must admit, bombs and guns my friends have been
That's the bid I have to pay, that's my heavy portion of sin

My brother at the age of nine, made first steps alone that night
He was killed for what he saw, in flash his book of life was closed
Sister, she was ten and half, moved from sleep to eternal life
Mum and Dad were burnt to death without a prayer for the dyin' man

In Sindidun I found new life
Found me soul and found new love
In sindidun I found me faith
That gave new hope and gave new strength
Found the way to God

Midlife found me far from home, on the shores of hell in desert of hope
With million other victims of death, hunger, pain and killer's breath
In foggy view I see my home crashed to ground by richman's boots
But torchlight in my soul still shines, we'll rise again from seed and roots

In drunken dreams I see the banks, the streams, the valleys and mounts of god
The land of green, the land of free, where I belong, where I have been
In vengeance for what they did took I play the role I didn't choose
Quiet as a shadow, unseen as a ghost, precise as death I'm doin' my toast

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