(Lyrics: Parts of the "HALEL" praising words, Alon M., Kobi F. & parts
Taken from the "KORAN" translation)
U'ma natata lo? U'ma natata lo?
Veketer lerosho natata lo..
(trans: and what have you given him? And what have you given him?
And a crown for his head you have given him..)
I call the mighty prophet
Taint my sword with blood
Help in my holy "JIHAD"
As I tear, kill and maim
All is done in your name
For me God shall do the same
My faith is left to blame
Even though our God is one
You'll just spill blood - It shall be done
This all shall die
Fire from the sky
Can't ask God why - This kingdom cry?
Open my eyes - See only sand
It shatters all life And kills the land
I drown in my self - of the heat
In the desert I storm
War of gods, you cannot deny
Into damnation we shall fly
I am becoming all and all becoming one
When all has been said and all has been done
Now it ends - can rise no sun
Let thy will lead us on
"But to those who believe not in the signs of God..."
... "God witnesseth that there is no god but He"
Infidels that worship the worm
Shall bring sahara's storm.
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The Sahara's Storm Lyrics

Orphaned Land – The Sahara's Storm Lyrics