If you don't mind waiting, I will be near
Saying the only words you want to hear
And while we are talking, our eyes must not meet
A smile of sincerity is a crime on these streets

Pacts held at lunchtime, lunch left to waste
Speaking of life and books (well, what ELSE in that place?)
In these drab, loveless buildings that all look the same
You are my teacher--but I am contained

I may laugh, but I am only to blame
Words that could SAVE me I kept so contained

In that tip of a summer, nothing could mar
Those tentative times in that wreck of a car
I was yours for the asking, a child afraid
Sent unfettered letters, postage unpaid

In identical avenues that no one would miss
The world could not touch us, but we could not kiss
For in this life that is measured out in bus stops and rain
You were my teacher--but I was contained
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Contained Lyrics

Orlando – Contained Lyrics

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