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Save Me Again Lyrics

Orlando Ruiz – Save Me Again Lyrics

I always heard "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."
To be saved once again,is what my soul always seeks,
Jesus, save me cause this life was never mine,
My spirit sees the vision but the flesh creates the crime
And i know that it's time to stop playing foolish games
And to get to know the word cause your name forever reins,
All of my surroundings are sex, drugs and money
I'd rather be in land that flows with milk and honey,
I don't wanna go to hell just to burn in the fire,
I wanna go to heaven, where the five stars are higher,
So Jesus, come back, save me once again
Cause its needed in my life, like some ink to a pen,
Just look at my life, it's all full of bruises,
Still one-sixteen, cause i know that satin looses,
Is it heaven or hell? i'm remembering who chooses,
Jesus, pour your blood on this life full of excuses
Cause the Devil tried abusing, but my spirit was refusing
And he thinks he has high power, and i find that so confusing
So Jesus, please enlighten me,
Please help me understand like the fire you ignite in me
(verse 2)
I know you saved me once, i know you saved me twice,
Jesus, save me again, but this time i need advise,
You know all my secrets, you know the life i live,
Here, take my sin, as an offering i give,
I may confess to the world, but only god can forgive
So i will thank him once again, in this life he saved, i live
And i promiss i will change from all my bad ways,
And only worship him, his name shall only be proclaimed.
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