L. A. L. A. Big city of dreams
But everything in L. A. Aint always what it seems
You might get fooled if you come from outta town
Cuz we comin from Queens and gets down

Jose-Luis gotcha holdin guns in tons
General, Emanual rock emerald
Government out to get me, tryin to stick me
Move quickly, yo the god study swiftly
Indian style, knees bent, hands together
Regulate, drama kickin like East state
Money to make, 1st of the month son chop the wait
Break the law and gotta score like before
Armageddon, mary-tree smoke wettin
If that's jeddy, shoppin sprees are ready

My crew in the front got it lock
My live niggas in the back got the gat
So were true to this black
4-4 like some more
1 to the dome, lubricate your thoughts
Black mask stole the ride to avoid up north
Jeopardize my freedom, blink out when I see you
But nine out of ten niggas wouldnt wanna be you
Rob him for his cash and spend it like
Ah-yo the rap shit is ill
Kid you make mad dough but still
Hit your crew off it aint slink-real
Show some love kid aint no selfish shit here

Chorus: repeat 4X

I'm in too deep, losin sleep I can't call it
In love wit this drug shit, loyal and all for it
Whats a nigga to do? Wit no cash at 22
Take it, or find the best way to make it fast
My mans rakin cash, fuck bein lieutenant
I'm in it to win it so it might just take a minute
To gain grams, put my game plan in action
Ways to make it happen, to days to get the jack-son
Once the weight comes, I'm outta state triple sums
Count my funds, I got guns that cripple sons
What's the use of heat, wit no dough to flee the streets
Caught a trace of no chaser and your dead meat
Legal aid type of rider, h
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Era Of Queens Lyrics

ORIGA – Era Of Queens Lyrics