I think we should take our time this time
No need to rush, we might fall too far behind.
Don't need to worry about how to make it last.
Baby, there's no hurry, we're moving to past.


Don't have to say it, don't promise you'll stay.
Don't say forever 'cause forever can wait.
Don't have to give more than your heart's gonna take.
Don't worry about tomorrow
Just love me today

You know in love that there is no guarantee.
I'll give to you everything you give to me.
Live day by day like we've never done before.
Let's enjoy the moment, I won't ask for more.


So much sweeter to take it nice and slow
Right here, right now, and that's all I need to know.
Don't jump ahead to the end before we start.
Not knowing where we're going is my favorite part.

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Love Me Today Lyrics

Orfeh – Love Me Today Lyrics