I long to find Utopia my fatherland unsung;
Where girls confined in corsetry prevail beneath the sun
I search inside perversion for the symbols of my heart
For velvet runes of Paradise for luster in the dark
I search in implications for the gospel of untruth
For Paradise erected on the residues of truth
I search in desecration for the stainless and unchaste
For maidens of distinction to undress and consecrate
I search inside perfection for the wedlock of my soul
For velvet runes of crimson to beget my spirit whole
On weaves of silken carnage I shall recognize the sun
A sparkling star of scarlet which shall make the covert known
I search inside dissention for Utopia profuse
Where chastity surrenders to debauchery of truth
I search before extinction for the salvage of myself
For Velvet runes of crimson to redeem my cloven self
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Liebe Utopia On Weaves Of Silken Carnage Lyrics

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Liebe Utopia On Weaves Of Silken Carnage Lyrics