I press my bleeding hand against your breast
I draw a living rune across your chest
Behold the rise of symbols of our past
Across your breast are symbols that will last

Divergence is an object of our sign
Convergence is reversed but still aligned
Life shall be protected from decline
By symbols of a godforsaken Time

Exposed with swords we plant a growing seed
A seed that grows to be a living tree
This tree shall stretch its branches to the sky
And we shall rise and cast the heavens down

Ambiguity of truth within the sign
With naked feet we trample those who lie
We stride across the plains that soak the dead
Hand in hand with symbols carved in flesh
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Algiz / Konvergence Of Life And Death Lyrics

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – Algiz / Konvergence Of Life And Death Lyrics