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The Conjuration Complete Lyrics

Ordo Draconis – The Conjuration Complete Lyrics

From the four points the horizon has set,
From every sacred place in the angle of this earth,
We have gathered in order to complete the circle,
To fulfil the knowledge for centuries hidden.
Behold, for the circle shall be complete again:
In this vast nocturnal, desert landscape,
We have congegrated to restore the ceremonial paths.

It is time, keepers of the knowledge for centuries hidden,
To unleash the forces which bide in the bowels of the earth
For we have congegrated on this sacred ritual ground
To release the elder gods from the sea below all seas.

[Preliminary Invocation of the Spirit of Cuthalu:]
Day of living, rising sun
Day of rising, of the slumbering ones
Day of fortune, grand delight
Day of splendour, brilliant night
Thee I summon, serpents of the deep
Thee I invoke, darkest forces of the deep
Come forth children of the underworld
Release thy vengeance upon mankind
Ancient gods, rise from thy sleep, and lay thy wrath upon mankind
By the ever-shining star of the north.
Arise from thy slumber, in the ice-cold waters of the sea
Below all seas.
Arise, from the caverns of the earth
Arise, from the desolate places
Arise, spread thy plague out over mankind
Arise, and bring despair upon mortal man
Arise, authors of pain, bringers of despair:
Inherit what belongs to thee!

As the conjuration was complete,
The serpents rose from their sleep
And appeared upon the mountains of dawn.
The winds of fire that have been unleashed
Are riding through the dismal skies
And leave us standing hypnotized.
Behold, for the circle is complete again.

From the heavens they set forth
Bringing destruction below
Completing their destined mission
And once again the hidden race
Shall rule upon the face of the earth
For it is foretold.
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