The Devil's tongue lick the deepest hell of my soul.
From the darkest depths of my soul profanation is always spoken.
Blasphemy is all that I see – my eternity - and my quest.
The darkest paths of my blasphemous soul will evoke the knife in my soul!

... The edge comes closer...

The knife within cuts deeper than all holy majesty!
Vade retro me, salvator.
The knife leaves scars in thy soul.
The knife leaves scars deeper than all holy majesty!

As the knife cuts through thee all feeling of light prevails.
Tear up the wounds and black blood crawls on thy skin!
Black blood leads to black blood through bonding of unholy scars.
Unholy scars leads to unholy lives and an unholy world...
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The Knife Within Lyrics

Orcivus – The Knife Within Lyrics