In a spot where green people glow
We would talk without a care in the world
You were talkin but I wasn't listening
We could tell the thoughts in my head
But you didn't care
You just said what you wanted to be said
As I look in your person
I find you're just like me
No listen to me I got the good information
Or maybe I don't, but I think I deserve the

Well I don't know what you want me to do
If you could clarify we could get this through
Where does this chord end
The cab driver goes where the electrician is
Oh I'm drinkin nothin from your old cup
You stole my box of emotions now I'm all fucked up
Now that you left I am so free
I'm finally meetin all the other me's
Hello sir it's nice to speak with you
Excuse me but who are you talkin to
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Cup Lyrics

Orange Light – Cup Lyrics

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