You know you talked out of turn
youre not right
I'm not breakin your heart
and now your eyes gonna burn
through the night
they may keep us apart
I have no choice but to go
creating A silence in me, you know
not many people around try to ask
bout the sorrows of love oh no, no
gimme A break
its just for sake
for your heart as well as mine
oh, gimme A break
I know what I take
one more night, and well be fine
gimme A break
its just for your sake
A new start needs overtime
oh, gimme A break
and we might bring back
that shine of you and me
the way you twist me around
I don't like hangin here on A thread,
I think it fits what I found
you don't like how I cut down your net
the special something in you
to see everything as A subject of A change
is also my point of view I try hard
and I can understand, yes I do
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Gimme A Break Lyrics

Opus – Gimme A Break Lyrics