[Chorus:] 2X
Everywhere I turn, there's beautiful ladies,
Everywhere I look, there's beautiful girls.
So all I see are beautiful ladies and beautiful girls.

So when you're walking down the beach,
You see a pretty girl tanning by the ocean side.
You're scared to talk to her but don't worry,
Because there's many a girl along the ocean side.

[Verse 2:]
And when you're walkin' in the park,
You see a pretty girl licking an ice cream cone.
It's hot outside but don't worry cause,
There's many Dem wit ice cream cones.

[Chorus:] 2X


Don't' stop to thing about the little fish that got away,
Just stop and thing about casting the next line in the ocean.

[Verse 3:]
So when you're walking through the mall,
You see a pretty girl trying on a cute pink dress,
If she snubs you boy, don't you worry cause,
There's a-many a Dem in cute pink dress.

[Verse 4:]
This world is bigger than you know it,
Humongous like the deep blue sea,
There's a girl-ah swimming all around you,
Just like the fishes in the deep blue sea.

[Chorus:] 2x
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Beautiful Ladies Lyrics

Opihi Pickers – Beautiful Ladies Lyrics

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