I sit in loneliness and watch the meaning of my past.
It dances and twitches then it lays down and dies.
I see the morning sky tremble and then it open and begin to cry
As night falls and darkness fills my room...
Whispering thoughts haunt me, my candle burns low.
Can I find my fate? Can I be one with my desire?
The perchment of my future burns fast and I burn myself
Badly in my futile attempt to save it.
The black blood of my heart weeps, in every tear a part of myself.
I have features of youth but a soul of age.
Why can't I see the web of lies my life is based upon
So I can cut them and become one with the sky?
I long for the harmony... The peace within me.
I wish to see myself in the burning light
Of truth and no longer be a victim of hate.
I search for the purity in me... I search in my blood...
I open my vein to see what ever it may be.
And as the red rivers of my life flow from it's tunnels and caves...
I see lies and falseness die.
I'm fading away, drowing in a thick mist of burning ice.
I'm showered in the blood of dying hate and I feel pure.
I'm taken to the breast of my truth and I'm reborn.
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I Summon The Oh Father / Death Embrace Me Lyrics

Ophthalamia – I Summon The Oh Father / Death Embrace Me Lyrics