Hold me down,
An inch from death,
Lay me here,
Down to rest,
Hit the floor,
I feel again,
Gasp for breath,

Your life is in my hands,
Tell me how you feeeeeeeeeeeel (long sustain)
How you feel,

Death grips my blackened life (blackened life)
One touch from your lips keeps me alive,
Kill me set me free (set me free)
Cut your hold on me,

V3(vocal accapella)
Hold me down, (ease the pain)
An inch from death, (I gasp for breath)
Lay me here, (one last kiss could)
Down to rest, (break this curse)
Hit the floor, (ease the pain)
I feel again, (I gasp for breath)
Gasp for breath, (one last kiss)
Consequence, (could break this curse)

(Repeat V2 but sung)

(Repeat chorus)

(Repeat chorus)
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This Curse Lyrics

Openfire – This Curse Lyrics