YO, my cadence is decadent, no accidence or audience,
No pretense on my residence, abilities aint coincidence, fool,
I precedence over the dissident, avoiding the obedience,
Without any guidance, pittance, or no ordanance, I'm radiant

Yeah, I'm a hash house harrier, I always run with my terrier,
It's always gettin much furrier, but I'm zestier and zestier
All the horsier warriors, that barmer the sorrier,
They aint getting heartier, just gettin tastier for the wavier

See all those joggers with hardware, stretchin the quadrature,
Feedin the creature, readin the literature,
To nurture the departure of overtired aperture
Give me the torture, not the sandbag of order
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Running Rap Lyrics

Onkown – Running Rap Lyrics

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